Creole Words & Phrases

Bonjou: hello / good day
Bonswa: hello / good evening (anytime after 12 noon)
Bonsware: good evening (after 6 pm)

Bonwit: goodnight
Ki jan ou ye? Or Kouman ou ye?: How are you?
Ki jan ou santi ou?: How are you feeling? (regarding one’s health)
Mwen byen / ‘m’ byen / map kenbe: I am fine
Ou anfòm? Are you OK?
M pa pi mal: I’m not bad
E ou menm?: And you (how are you)?
Souple: please
Mesi anpil: thank you very much
Pase yon bon jounen: have a good day
Chita souple: sit down please
Kanpe souple: stand up
Kouche: lie down
Vini isit: come here
Ou met ale la: you can go over there now (if you want them to ‘check out’ or go to another station)
Ki laj ou: how old are you?
Ou gen doulè? Do you have pain?
Kote / ki kote: Where
Sa ou gen?: what is the matter/what problem do you have?
Sa fè w mal?: What hurts?
Eske ou gen pitit?: Do you have children?
Konbyen: How many?
W ap bay tete?: Are you breastfeeding?
Eske ou ka mache?: Can you walk?
Eske ou byen manje?: Do you eat well?
Eske ou byen domi: Do you sleep well?

Common problems:

Tèt fe m mal: my head hurts
Vant fe m mal: my stomach hurts
Li gen opersyon: he has asthma
Mwen gen ‘tansyon’: I have high blood pressure
M (mwen) gen doule: I have pain
M gen anemi: I am anemic
M (li) gen lafyev: I (he/she) have fever
Depi konbyen jou?: For how many days (have you had fever? Pain?)
I/me/mine: mwen or abbreviated ‘m’
We/us: nou
You (singular): ou (w)
you (pl): nou
He/she/it: li
They: yo

Suggested books for further study of Haitian Creole:

CREOLE MADE EASY: by Wally Turnball
HAITIAN CREOLE PHARSEBOOK: BY Cècile Accilien & Jowel Laguerre




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