The current school in Jeandenis is grossly inadequate and unsafe; it is overcrowded with no electricity, fans, lights or running water. The new grade school will hold 500+ students and it will have electricity in every classroom, plumbing and modern toilets, and a computer lab. The structure, built on a elevated foundation, is complete and has met strict standards that will endure flooding, hurricanes, and earthquakes. With almost all the funds in hand, construction will resume in January with hopes of completion by the fall of 2017.

empoweringeducationbackEmpowerment through Education:
HTPB believes that education is the KEY to success and is for everyone at every age.  HTPB's Literacy classes in Haiti and in Lake Worth are filled with enthusiastic men and women who have never had the opportunity to go to school. They are overjoyed when they learn simple tasks such as writing their name and being able to recognize numbers. Computers classes in Lake Worth are invaluable in our highly technical society; students learn to use Word, PowerPoint & Excel, write resumes, job search, use email and search the internet. These skills are a tremendous asset in securing employment that will sustain ones family. 


dentalbackMedical & Dental Clinics in Haiti:
Every year HTPB treats 3000-4000 medical and dental patients in a rural village that has minimal health care opportunities.The HTPB team works alongside Haitian doctors, dentists and nurses as we deliver the best cpatient care possible, just as we would for our own family members, providing consultations, medications, hygiene supplies and referrals.




hurrianebackHurricane Matthew Relief:
In early October 2016 Hurricane Matthew devastated the southwest area of Haiti, destroying thousands of homes, livestock, crops, and the loss of more than 1000 lives.




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