Adult Computer Classes: HTPB is in its 8th year of adult computer classes, providing basic and advanced classes taught in Haitian Creole. Upon completion of the basic curriculum each student is able to demonstrate knowledge of MS word, internet skills, correspondence through email, and keyboarding. The advanced class covers MS word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher and a more extensive understanding of internet capabilities.


Adult Literacy Classes: Illiteracy prevents individuals from seeking help because of the associated shame and fear of exposure. Additional challenges confront the individual as they struggle with irregular work schedules, lack of transportation, financial difficulties, and a lack of educational material in their native language. HTPB offers weekly literacy classes in an informal and non-threatening environment where individuals can advance at their own pace using a nationally recognized literacy curriculum. Recently, students have begun to incorporate an English computer program into their curriculum.


Children’s Academic Tutoring: Immigrant children face many challenges as they pursue their educational dreams: financial difficulties, lack of technical equipment, educational barriers, uneducated/undereducated family members, parents who work in the evenings, children who often times must work to support the family, and language & cultural barriers that hinder parents interaction with the school system. Many times English is not spoken in the home, resulting in inadequate language skills which prevent students from excelling in school. For the past 7 years, HTPB has held Saturday enrichment classes for children, ages 6 – 18. Students work at grade level, focusing on their areas of need; often times bringing homework and projects to class. These classes are especially beneficial to students who do not have computers and/or internet in their homes. HTPB provides tools for projects, workbooks at all levels, and academic computer software & individual tutoring for all subjects at all grade levels.


 Health Awareness: Coming from a country where health care is almost non-existent in many areas, many in the local Haitian community have had little exposure to preventive health care, and most are lacking in basic health care knowledge. One of the goals of HTPB is to elevate the level of health awareness in the Haitian community and to assist those who are uninsured and/or underinsured with their health care options. Health presentations are held several times a year on such topics as diabetes, hypertension, breast cancer, cholera, sexually transmitted disease, oral hygiene, pregnancy, child care, and many other topics. Individual guidance is available for those who need assistance filling out health care options and for follow-up with health care forms.


Individual Guidance: HTPB provides college counseling and guidance to high school students and adults who are pursuing an advanced education. This includes assistance with the college process: college and financial aid applications and essay and resume preparation. HTPB also assists individuals with accessing social resources.



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