Hands Together of the Palm Beaches began as a grass-roots movement in 2003, prior to its inception as a non-profit in 2005. Founding members worked in collaboration with local Haitian religious leaders to provide health educate the Haitian community and to hold blood pressure screenings.Computer classes for children and adults also began at this time.This work grew to address many challenges of the local Haitian community as they strived to acclimate to living in the U.S.

To better understand the needs and concerns of the local Haitian people, a trip to their homeland was planned by the founders; and subsequently the Haiti component of the work of Hands Together of the Palm Beaches was born. In the first years, work in Haiti addressed immediate needs that were encountered, however it was soon realized that we must do everything possible to empower the people of Haiti; to provide them with the tools, knowledge and financial support necessary so they can affect change in their lives. The lives of the Diaspora and of the people in Haiti are dynamically and passionately interwoven; we know we cannot regard one without deeply considering the social, financial, political and humanitarian circumstances of the other.

In the immediate aftermath of the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010, the people in Haiti were forced to rely on their families and friends in the Diaspora for survival, creating extreme hardships for the Haitian people everywhere. HTPB worked to support the local community as well as sending medical supplies and funds to religious leaders in Haiti.

For the past several years, HTPB has been working to build infrastructure, support education, and provide leadership and empowering opportunities for the people of Haiti.  Most of our efforts have focused in the rural village of Jeandenis, a rice-farming community of more than 50,000 people.  Please read about 'our work' on the following pages.

HTPB is committed, now more than ever, to empower our Haitian brothers and sisters, both locally and in Haiti, so the Haitian people can live with dignity and justice.

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